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Migrating from WordPress to Ghost

I don’t particularly relish the notion of moving my blog from one platform to another, nonetheless I feel the time for change has come. WordPress works for a lot of people and is easy to use, but it’s become a complex and bloated mess under the hood. Its php templating system confounds and running a […]

The Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages as a business has stagnated for years, failing to keep up with the times and try new things as everyone moved towards a digital world. The inception of the iPhone in 2007 reinvented what we thought a smartphone could be. In 2014 it’s difficult to go anywhere without seeing people of all […]

Initial thoughts on Fez

Fist pumping the air, enraged like an unfed Gorilla, I’ve come close on several occasions to tossing my Vita against the wall while playing Fez (more on that after the break). Stylistically, I’m in love with the retro look. The game really sets itself apart from other nostalgia inducing platformers with its unique three-dimensional plane, […]

PlayStation Vita Review (PCH-2000)

I’ve had my PS Vita, the earlier OLED model (PCH-1000), since August 2013 and have been happy with it — albeit with a few minor quibbles. The Vita was released in December 2011, and it’s proven to be a sustaining piece of hardware. Sales have not have been Earth shattering Sony, but the Vita found […]

Music Player Apps on iOS

Apple’s own music app has never been what I would consider a shining example of what any music player should aspire to on iOS. I suppose that’s why there have been many attempts by third party developers to fill this void. Apps like Ecoute, Track 8, and Groove are examples of apps that all have […]

The PlayStation Cloud Sync Experience

Sony has their PS3, PS4, and Vita consoles, all of which are selling well. The added value service that glues these devices together is the $49 a year PSN plus membership. Being a member not only gives you access to free games and significant discounts, but it also stores you game saves and syncs them […]

“You’re Not Special At All. No One Cares about You. Seriously. They Don’t.” — An Interview with Jordan Cooper

There’s no question I enjoy interviewing people, especially interesting ones. When I reached out to comedian Jordan Cooper for an interview, I wasn’t entirely sure which direction it was going to go in. We had a chat for a good long while, so strap yourself in, grab a cup of coffee, and dive right in. […]

Using Dropbox with Writer Pro

Design and development firm Information Architects, makers of iA Writer, have been under fire lately with their announcement to patent some of the technology behind their new app, Writer Pro. This has been discussed ad nauseam in the blogosphere and Twitter. Since this is the case, I have no intention of discussing the merits of […]