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I Need A Break from First Person Shooters

This week I finished Wolfenstein: The New Order and I absolutely loved it. The previous games in the series were just mindless shooters and the latest offering really steps away from that. I was pleasantly surprised at the strength of the story and characters, both of which I found compelling. When was the last time […]

Console Gaming of A Bygone Era

Over the last couple of years, I’ve started to collect older consoles and games. At the moment I have a model 2 Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and an original Nintendo Entertainment System. For a while I ruminated on adding a Super Nintendo to the mix, that is until I began to playing games on these […]

“Alone Again”

This is the plot summary for episode 14 of Jem, season 2. A young girl named Laura comes to live at Starlight Mansion after her parents are killed in a car crash. She’s extremely withdrawn, moody and consumed with low self-esteem despite her obvious musical talent. I and the Holograms try to draw her out […]

Constant Connectivity

It’s no secret that PlayStation Network is an unreliable and insecure mess. Whilst companies like Microsoft have had their fair share of incidents with Xbox Live, PSN historically has had an extremely checkered past. Stolen data such as account passwords, credit cards, and periodic login blips seem to be business as usual. Denial of service […]

Why JRPGs Infuriate Me

I want to like role playing games, or more specifically, Japanese role playing games. Final Fantasy is the most popular property in that genre and I have friends who cherish many of the games in the series. Recently I’ve tried numerous games to try and wet my appetite, but none of them have really grabbed […]

My Podcasting Setup for 2015

I have never discussed what my podcasting setup comprises of with my readers, so I figured now is as good a time as any. A couple of years ago when I first embarked on this journey, I began with the now venerable Blue Yeti USB condenser microphone. This mic is extremely popular and for good […]

The Ritual

With no alarm set, the stillness of the afternoon air wakes me. Bleary-eyed, attempts to move my upper body fail me. Shifting around with what feels like dead weight pressing down, I recall every last ounce of will, this time my brain cooperating with the rest of my body. Removing the many layers of winter […]

Miami Connection

I feel a swell of nostalgia for the grandiose action hero genre of the 80s. Growing up in an era of film where martial arts, ninjas, drug lords, muscle bound heroes, and neon lights where the norm was something I didn’t truly appreciate until adulthood. I keep coming back to this genre, even though most […]

Thoughts on PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now, a new streaming game service in open beta, is a grand concept in its infancy. The technology behind it has been in the works for a number of years. If you told me just three years ago that we would be able to play graphically rich games, streaming over broadband, I would have […]