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Blockbuster files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

Although it may not come as a shock to anyone, [Blockbuster has finally packed it][Blockbuster[ in and filed for bankruptcy. Blockbuster, which employs about 25,000 people, has been closing stores as it grapples with competition from Netflix, Coinstar unit Redbox and others that deliver movie rentals digitally. It’s been evident for several years now that […]

Give me iTunes X and wireless syncing

In the midst of some major new announcements from this mornings Apple keynote, there has been pretty strong evidence that a new Apple TV will be release in addition to a refreshed iPod lineup. While people speculate about whether or not there will be an iTunes “cloud” service, all I’m really hoping for is a […]

The Pains of Moving Blogging Services

It appears that Tumblr has had an export utility available in beta for OSX that supposedly works well for exporting your content. Now if only Posterous could offer something like this. I made the mistake of starting my blog using Posterous without thinking about an exit strategy and now I find myself at an impasse. […]