iTunes 10 Moving Slowly to A Cocoa App?

Yesterday I posted a Tweet asking if anyone knew if iTunes 10 was re-written as a 100% Cocoa app.

Although I didn’t receive any responses, apparently Jasper over at Waffle says that there are portions of iTunes 10 written in Cocoa, but is still a lot of legacy Carbon code in the app. It stands to reason that this is going to be a slower transition than we would like, however, they have clearly made baby steps to get there over the next several revisions.

I just wanted to highlight one discovery Jasper made while trying to figure out what the deal was with iTunes 10.

It looks like the balance of power continues tipping. Info.plist now enlists an NSPrincipalClass, ITNSApplication, meaning that it uses the Cocoa startup path. (Very curiously, I can’t find that class by dumping iTunes.) Still chock full of Carbon, but it seems they’re going to do this over several versions.

I would say that the best thing about iTunes 10 is the massive performance improvements the development team managed to swing with this release. It finally seems to behave properly on decent hardware.