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Learn Me Something: Flat Earthers →

How long have people believed the Earth is flat, and why does a portion of modern day society vehemently believe our planet is flat, despite mountains of science-based evidence?

Read Post / April 17, 2018

Learn Me Something: What Is Sleep? →

How does science define sleep and what are all of the components that make it up? Why are some people unable to get regular restful sleep? Listen to the latest episode to understand the science.

Read Post / April 7, 2018

The Impromptu: A Crayon for Your iPad →

A succinct summary on Apple’s event on education in Chicago and we follow up on last week’s conversation with an update on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle and the first state-level lawsuit.

Read Post / April 6, 2018

Learn Something about “Learn Me Something” →

This week on “Learn Me Something,” Aaron, Rich, and Alex take a breather to gather their thoughts over the Easter weekend to reflect on the past 45 episodes, and do a little Q&A so that you can learn more about who they are.

Read Post / April 2, 2018