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The Impromptu: The Butterfly Keyboard Effect →

Michael caves and buys a second generation butterfly style keyboard MacBook Pro, discusses the merits of it, and Windows 10 isn’t that bad to use (there’s a ton of cool stuff coming in future creator updates).

Read Post / February 16, 2018

Learn Me Something: Sexual Assault →

Statistics dictate the number of people who experience sexual assault is staggering. Often times the act is committed by someone close to you. Of every 100 incidents of sexual assault, only 6 are reported to police.

Read Post / February 15, 2018

The Impromptu: YouTube Tackles Conspiracies →

YouTube announced they’re making changes to flag content that could be considered conspiracy theories or propaganda of some kind. Is this a good thing? Yes, but it doesn’t fully solve the problem.

Read Post / February 14, 2018