Rethinking watchOS Apps

A majority of my interactions with Apple Watch are related to notifications. Siri should be the one app you need for most of the tasks you want to perform, but to realize that, Siri needs to get better; fast.

The Mac Pro Is Not Dead

A lot of professionals and power users that love the Mac Pro, yours truly included, have been incredibly disappointed and distressed at its lack of updates since the 2013 “trash can” redesign. Scratch that. Mac Pro users are frothing at the mouth and have been screaming for the last three and half years for substantial hardware updates. On The Impromptu podcast, which I co-host with Michael Norton, we talked about it at length, just days before John Gruber on Daring Fireball reported that Apple has big plans for the product. Apple has finally acknowledged to the public that their initial compact design was flawed and did not serve enough of its customer’s needs.

The Last Stable Release of OS X Was Snow Leopard; Mountain Lion Changes This

The last truly stable and reliable version that I can remember using was the last build of Snow Leopard — version 10.6.8. Prior to this, it was the last build of Tiger — version 10.4.11. The versions in between these releases were all extremely disappointing. Not for lack of exciting new features or further refinementContinue reading “The Last Stable Release of OS X Was Snow Leopard; Mountain Lion Changes This”