Give me iTunes X and wireless syncing

In the midst of some major new announcements from this mornings Apple keynote, there has been pretty strong evidence that a new Apple TV will be release in addition to a refreshed iPod lineup.

While people speculate about whether or not there will be an iTunes “cloud” service, all I’m really hoping for is a brand new version of iTunes with wireless syncing.

Everyone knows that in it’s current state, iTunes is as slow as molasses. It seems to be eclipsed by the most mundane tasks and even can bring an 8-core Mac Pro to it’s knees. This is hardly befitting of the typical Apple experience one should have.

So please Apple. Give us iTunes X, a completely re-written 64-bit Cocoa application that’s both light-weight and fast. I dream of the day I can sync my iOS device without it brining my system to it’s knees while it decides to make a backup of my device.

I’ll be watching with baited breath at 10am PST on my iPhone. Remember if you’re not a Mac OSX 10.6 or iPhone user, there are workarounds for watching Apple’s streaming event this morning. Checkout Macrumors recommendations here.