The Pains of Moving Blogging Services

It appears that Tumblr has had an export utility available in beta for OSX that supposedly works well for exporting your content. Now if only Posterous could offer something like this. I made the mistake of starting my blog using Posterous without thinking about an exit strategy and now I find myself at an impasse.

I was able to find a third party Python script on Github that exports your posts, but I don’t really know Python, nor do I have a webserver to test this on.

I suppose, even if I managed to get a data dump of my posts, Tumblr won’t allow me to import my posts unless it’s from a supported platform. There are two main reasons for the switch to Tumblr, A) Better themes and B) a proper API that allows me to use my writing tool of choice, Marsedit. Has anyone had any experience with moving from Posterous to Tumblr? My other concern is Google Analytics tracking which I suppose will also break during the move.

I’d love to hear anyones thoughts.