Constant Connectivity

It’s no secret that PlayStation Network is an unreliable and insecure mess. Whilst companies like Microsoft have had their fair share of incidents with Xbox Live, PSN historically has had an extremely checkered past. Stolen data such as account passwords, credit cards, and periodic login blips seem to be business as usual. Denial of service […]

Thoughts on PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now, a new streaming game service in open beta, is a grand concept in its infancy. The technology behind it has been in the works for a number of years. If you told me just three years ago that we would be able to play graphically rich games, streaming over broadband, I would have […]

Initial thoughts on Fez

Fist pumping the air, enraged like an unfed Gorilla, I’ve come close on several occasions to tossing my Vita against the wall while playing Fez (more on that after the break). Stylistically, I’m in love with the retro look. The game really sets itself apart from other nostalgia inducing platformers with its unique three-dimensional plane, […]