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The Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages as a business has stagnated for years, failing to keep up with the times and try new things as everyone moved towards a digital world. The inception of the iPhone in 2007 reinvented what we thought a smartphone could be. In 2014 it’s difficult to go anywhere without seeing people of all […]

Music Player Apps on iOS

Apple’s own music app has never been what I would consider a shining example of what any music player should aspire to on iOS. I suppose that’s why there have been many attempts by third party developers to fill this void. Apps like Ecoute, Track 8, and Groove are examples of apps that all have […]

Using Dropbox with Writer Pro

Design and development firm Information Architects, makers of iA Writer, have been under fire lately with their announcement to patent some of the technology behind their new app, Writer Pro. This has been discussed ad nauseam in the blogosphere and Twitter. Since this is the case, I have no intention of discussing the merits of […]

Fitbit Flex

Being fit is really important to me. This is why I, like thousands of other people, use mobile apps or dedicated hardware to keep tabs on things like daily calories burned or heart rate. On a whim, I picked up a Fitbit Flex earlier in the week. For those unaware, the Fitbit is a tiny […]

Using 1Password And iCloud Keychain

I’ve been using iCloud Keychain in conjunction with the latest version of 1Password on Mavericks. It seems like an odd combination. Why trust Apple with my sensitive passwords and credit card information? After the failure of MobileMe and a rocky start to iCloud, isn’t it true that Apple has shown that they’re incapable of making […]

The Transit App 2.0

There are very few apps that I use on a day-to-day basis that I can firmly say are indispensable. As someone who relies on public transportation, being able to get accurate and timely information about what bus or train to take is really important to me. I never much cared for the transit information that […]

Thoughts on TypeEngine

Every time I visit the city of Seattle, I always have a wonderful time. Last week I received an invite from the folks at TypeEngine to join their launch party on Friday. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to join. I’ve been following the progress they’ve been making on their website ever since they first […]

Thoughts on Apple’s Podcast App

My Twitter timeline exploded today when Apple unleashed its new podcasting iOS app. It was hardly surprising that a dedicated podcast app was on the way–since Apple removed this functionality from Music.app in the iOS 6 betas—yet I was at least expecting the app to ship with the GM build of iOS 6. Needless to […]

An In-Depth Look at Gauges App

A few months back I closed my Google account. With that went many of its services that I used on a regular basis. FeedBurner, which once used to be a good product, has since languished since Google decided to acquire them. I’ve seen many people complain about this, including Jim Dalrymple of The Loop—he’s been […]