Using 1Password And iCloud Keychain

I’ve been using iCloud Keychain in conjunction with the latest version of 1Password on Mavericks. It seems like an odd combination. Why trust Apple with my sensitive passwords and credit card information? After the failure of MobileMe and a rocky start to iCloud, isn’t it true that Apple has shown that they’re incapable of makingContinue reading “Using 1Password And iCloud Keychain”

Why Handheld Game Consoles Still Matter

The 80s were a fantastic era that birthed an explosive industry where games would become a new mainstream entertainment medium. 1983 was a big year when the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was brought to North America for the first time. It went on to revolutionize and change the entire world. First consoles came and thenContinue reading “Why Handheld Game Consoles Still Matter”


I’ve been thinking about switching from Mint to Piwik lately, so I decided to give it a whirl. Installation was very straight forward and I like the fact that it’s open source and is being actively developed. The API seems far more robust than what Mint offers, and I feel more confident using it knowingContinue reading “Piwik”