Starting from A Clean Slate with iOS 4.3

So I have decided unlike my normal procedure when new iOS updates are released, I will not be restoring from a backup after updating to 4.3 this week.

Sometimes you simply just need to clean house and start from a clean slate again. If you’re anything like me, you probably have over 50 apps installed on your iPhone. Many of these apps are not ones that you frequently use. Maybe it’s just a one off app you thought would be cool and that you would use often, or maybe it’s just a game that you thought you would play far more often (ahem Angry Birds, I’m looking at you).

The moment iOS 4.3 is out (I’m hoping this morning), I’m going to start with a factory fresh install and then pick and choose which apps I think are essential. From there, I plan on installing other apps as needed.

I’m typically a minimalist when it comes to thinks, so I’m really hoping to avoid overloading my iPhone again with apps I probably won’t use.