Adding Pinboard As A Custom Search Query to Alfred

I love Pinboard as a bookmarking service. I also happen to be a user of Alfredapp, which is a super handy swiss-army knife style app for launching apps on a Mac. In reality though, it goes far beyond just a simple app launcher and I really recommend you try it if you aren’t already using it.

The following tip applies to people already using Alfredapp with the Powerpack add-on.

Open Alfredapp preferences (command ,).

Go to Features > Custom Searches

In the “Search URL” area, add the following:{query}

In “Display Text” you can put in whatever you like, but I used “Pinboard.”

In “Keyword” I specified “pin” as the keyword to trigger a Pinboard query.

This makes it super useful when you want to search your Pinboard bookmarks!