Shifting Gears

To my dear readers, after much deliberation, I’ve decided that my fragmented web presence must come to an end. Last year I started a new weblog with the idea that I could have a separate outlet to write about my other areas interest. At this point in time, it has been become more work than I believe is necessary to maintain two separate sites. I feel like I’ve given my other site less attention than it should. That’s when it dawned on me that I should just axe it and roll everything into

I believe this is the right decision for me. Expanding the breadth of topics will be essential for my own sanity as a writer. I should be able to discuss anything that I find interesting anyways. Isn’t that fair? I put forth this idea initially on, and overwhelmingly so, the responses were positive and supportive. The technology industry ebbs and flows, and as such, during down periods, I wish to converse about films, music, comics, and games. These are all areas most people now consider art forms — certainly I do.

Starting today, I have re-published my articles I previously wrote and have tagged them appropriately. Articles written about comics are tagged with “comics” and movies are tagged with “movies,” etc. I have also changed the tag line of the site to better match the slight shift in content direction. It’s now: “Where the intersection of culture, design, technology & art meet.” I kind of like the sound of that.

Ultimately I’m of the opinion that most of you who read this weblog are nerds in general: whether it’s having a specific focus or obsession on technology, films and comics, I have the confidence everyone will find something of interest. Perhaps a few may be pissed off by the addition and coverage of other topics, but that’s a small price I’m willing to pay so that I can continue to write about the things I love. In the end, that’s what it’s about.