Pushing App Store Updates to All of My Macs

I’m fortunate enough that I can say I get to use my favourite tools for getting things done at home and at the office. At home I have a MacBook Pro, whilst at the office I run a Mac Mini. I use the App Store on a regular basis to source new apps, but also to update existing apps that I’ve purchased. This got me thinking about an annoyance that I’ve run into lately when dealing with Macs in different environments.

Many of the apps that I use on both my home and work computers are the same. Since I rely on a core suite of apps that I purchased from the App Store, I find that it’s annoying to have to remember to install updates manually on either Mac. Many times I get update notifications in the App Store at home or the office, and I get confused: “didn’t I already install this? Oh wait, I installed that update at home, not at the office.” It leads me to believe something went wrong—in that perhaps a previous update failed to complete.

Since every Mac gets authorized via my Apple ID, can’t the App Store just push out updates intelligently and automatically to all of my Macs? Shouldn’t it do this? Yes, why of course it should.