A Veritable Piece of Art: The White iPhone 4S

Three weeks ago, I decided to sell my iPhone 4. After three weeks of living without a mobile phone, and after much deliberation, I decided to pickup a 16GB white iPhone 4S.

My entire life I’ve always purchased black electronics. It doesn’t matter if it was a phone or home theatre equipment; there’s just something so sleek about black hardware. Even with the launch of the third generation iPad, of which I stood in line in the pouring rain and cold for eight hours-, I ended up getting a black iPad. It was not that I thought the white iPad looked bad, however it was my thinking that the white bezel would somehow be too distracting when reading.

Enough with the black hardware

I took a late afternoon break while I was at the office yesterday. I decided to go for a brisk walk down to my Apple store here in Vancouver. When I walked in and explained that I wanted to purchase a 16GB white iPhone 4S, I was escorted over to an iPad where I was to book an in-store appointment. As per usual, my Apple store was incredibly busy. After booking the appointment to speak with a sales person, I only had to wait about five minutes before I was greeted by a very friendly lady. I explained my situation that I was upgrading from an iPhone 4 and that I was already on a contract with my carrier. She quickly checked store stock to see if my white iPhone was available; sure enough it was. The nice lady explained that someone would bring the phone to the front of the store for us, so we had a nice conversation for a few minutes–mostly about the decision to go with the white 4S. She agreed with me that the white phone looked spectacular, and that switching things up by not getting yet another black device was a great idea. The conversation seemed longer than a couple of minutes, but I know it wasn’t longer than that. It only took another five minutes for her to process the transaction and send me on my merry way.

After I got back to the office, I removed the plastic wrapping and unboxed the iPhone from its thoughtfully designed packaging. What I was holding in front of me was a thing of beauty–a veritable piece of art. I popped in my new sim card and had my carrier activate it for me on the phone. The process was pretty painless.

In summation

The white iPhone 4S is blissfully breathtaking. I wholeheartedly recommend you get one — if only to add some variety in your collection of gadgets.