Remnants of A Bygone Era

While I do not feel entirely sorry for the current situation RIM has allowed themselves to get into, I realize it’s easy to bash a company when they’re down. Lest we forget that an incumbent, no matter how successful they are now, could be disrupted by a newcomer.

I have zero concerns that Apple is in any danger for the foreseeable future. Quite the contrary, as they are currently an unstoppable force with the best products, brand, and market value.

No doubt, it’s rather sad to see a once great Canadian company now in complete shambles, the bottom line is RIM failed to quickly pivot and address the disruption in the mobile space that was happening with the iPhone release back in 2007. I don’t think we can pin it on any one person or group, but it certainly was a combination of many things — including poor vision, product execution, timing, and management.

Whilst Apple may be on top of the world at the moment, I believe they have smart enough people and are fully cognizant that anyone could potentially de-throne them if they don’t continue to put out truly great products. If you were a fly on the wall at Apple headquarters, I very much doubt the last thing you would hear is anyone on the executive management team poking fun of RIM — nor would you find anyone arrogant enough to insult or poke fun of any other competitors current situation. Apple seems like one of those rare companies that will stay laser focused on continuing to just make what they believe are the best products that could possibly be made today.

I really don’t see where else RIM could go from here, other than just selling the company and its IP. Though the important and rather sensitive question to ask is: who will have them?