Who Needs The 128GB iPad?

It’s official. Apple will be releasing a 128GB fourth generation iPad. Larger storage capacity iOS devices seem like they’re a tad overdue. The aging and feeling ever minuscule 16GB iPad strikes me as too little storage capacity by 2013 standards. Why? Because regular everyday people are now used to downloading tons of apps — manyContinue reading “Who Needs The 128GB iPad?”

Riposte for App.net

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve probably heard me wax poetic about App.net. For those unaware, it’s a pretty new social networking service, similar in many ways to Twitter, but so very different in others. If you’re one of those people that are only now hearing about it for the first time,Continue reading “Riposte for App.net”

Ubuntu’s Foray into Mobile

Out of all possible new incumbents entering the mobile OS space, Ubuntu, purveyors of a very fine Linux distribution, announced at CES that they have some lofty goals of their own. I watched the short introductory video on their homepage, which goes on to demonstrate and discuss some of their design and interaction goals withContinue reading “Ubuntu’s Foray into Mobile”

My Batman

I have a sudden urge to write a Batman screenplay. I loved what Christopher Nolan contributed to the Batman mythos, and overall, think he did a great job of the trilogy. Granted, it was its own universe and there were many things that weren’t quite as faithful to the comic as some may want, butContinue reading “My Batman”

Cautiously Optimistic

I should have seen the writing on the wall. Back in February 2008, when I first joined Twitter (admittedly, slightly late to the game), I was excited about the service. Its premise was intriguing, and it completely sucked me in. Twitter was a simple concept: micro-blogging in the guise of pithy 140-character posts. Compared toContinue reading “Cautiously Optimistic”

Thoughts on Farscape

After finishing Battlestar Galactica, I felt a sudden swell of sadness. I needed a new engrossing science fiction series to watch. To fill that void I have turned to Farscape. I know it probably seems like I’m late to the game — I am being that it aired over ten years ago — but IContinue reading “Thoughts on Farscape”