My Batman

I have a sudden urge to write a Batman screenplay. I loved what Christopher Nolan contributed to the Batman mythos, and overall, think he did a great job of the trilogy. Granted, it was its own universe and there were many things that weren’t quite as faithful to the comic as some may want, but they were still great Batman stories.

The direction I would take — the Batman story I would like to see on screen — would be less focused on grounding the character in reality. I would prefer a gritty crime drama, that just happens to have the Batman in it. This is the movie I’m still waiting to be made.

I still want to see Batman wear a costume with less armour and more stretchy material. He needs to look and move like he’s light on his feet. All of that bullet proof armour may keep you safer, but you just can’t move as freely. I actually like the way Batman’s costume looks in the Arkham Asylum video game. The dark grey and black look, with the big chunky boots and armoured gauntlets. That’s how I want Batman to look.

As for the direction of the story, I don’t want to see yet another origin story, explaining how he came to be. There’s just far too much setup involved, and less time for Batman too, well be Batman. It’s very commonly known how Batman came to be, so let’s just start the next film with him already a few years into his crime fighting career. I want more focus on the shadowy and stealthy Batman. I would start the movie with a robbery occurring. Batman would be on a rooftop, balancing nimbly upon a gargoyle. He’d swoop down and land into a dark, dank alley — barely any lightening. Perhaps just one street lamp with a flickering bulb — casting the occasional creepy shadow on him.

It would be pouring rain. The water beading off his flowing black cape. The cape would be incredibly long, dragging behind him. In the dark, it would accentuate and make him look ominous. He could have the memory cloth cape, just like in the Nolan films to help him glide. I think it would be cool if the cape could also expand and contract as well. When he’s fighting, he could retract the cape to make it shorter and less cumbersome. The cape should have some high-tech nano technology in it to make this happen. There should also be a very easy way to attach and remove the cape. In certain situations, you wouldn’t want the cape to become a hindrance.

His eyes would be mere slits and pure white. Special lenses behind the mask with nano technology. He would have a constant influx of information regarding his surroundings. Night vision so he can see in blackest of night, being able to read body temperature, and also a heart rate monitor, so he can tell which criminals are highly stressed and nervous. What better way to use fear tactics against someone? After all, criminals are a cowardly superstitious lot (some of them at least).