OmmWriter: An Amazing Mac App for Writers

Very rarely do I have the inclination to discuss things such as word processors or text editing apps, but I recently discovered something that has truly made a difference for me. The app in question is called OmmWriter and it’s developed by a small indie Mac app company.

I have started using OmmWriter for all my writing now. It’s great for writing blog posts and I like it even more for longer form writing. In fact, just being in the app is such a pleasure that I find it really does help me focus on what I’m writing about.

At first I was a bit sceptical as there are quite a few writing apps out there that claim to provide a “distraction free”; environment, but this truly does feel like one.

When you first launch Omnwriter, you will notice that it goes into full screen mode. This is the only mode that it supports. There are no toolbars a plenty to confuse you with a mass amount of formatting options and other “features” that you will probably never use. You are greeted with a very beautiful and serene background. A snow covered field with a handful of trees off in the distant. A very soothing and gentle melody starts to play, and all of a sudden things start to get very zen-like.

This probably sounds like a bunch of bullshit, but if you seriously give OmmWriter a try, I think you might like it.

You can find it on the Mac App Store for just $4.99.

Oh, and this post was written in OmmWriter as well. Call me a super happy customer.