Keeping The Fire Alive

One thing I’ve been working hard to do since starting this weblog, is to try and offer my own unique style to everything that I write about. What good is a writer, or even better a tech writer, without his or her own unique voice?

Most personal weblogs tend to consist of two different kinds of posts. You have the traditional shorter linked-list style posts, where people tend to link to other peoples sites, and then there’s the longer-form style posts. While I do love both formats, there tends to be a lot of re-circulated news going around — now more so than ever.

I always love linking to interesting things that I find and adding my own thoughts, especially if it’s in relation to somebody else’s rant. Here’s my promise though going forward with how I plan to produce this site:

I am going to endeavour to write more longer-form original pieces, and there’s a good reason behind my thinking. First of all, I really enjoy what I do and absolutely love writing. Sometimes, I can spend hours working on a single piece for this weblog. Sharing my own views on what’s going on in this industry is what keeps the fires burning so to speak. So to further refine my craft, as well as this weblog, I promise to keep writing more in-depth and insightful posts in the future. This promise starts today.

Lastly, I’d also like to once again thank you for continuing to read what I produce. If you’re a new reader, welcome!