Handoff And Pastebot App Love

One of the greatest things about being a geek is that we tend to search for the most creative tools to do a particular job. One thing that I’ve wanted to figure out is the quickest way to send a link from my Mac to my iPhone and vice versa.

For what I do, the best workflow I have found consists of using two different iPhone apps, namely Handoff and Pastebot. These are two really great iOS apps that do different things which I’ll elaborate on.

Handoff is a great app that allows you to receive push notifications directly to your iPhone when you have sent a link to it using a simple bookmarklet in your browser. The webservice is free, and as long as you purchase the iPhone app you can instantly send a URL directly to your iPhone. On many occasions, I have found this to be incredibly useful.

Pastebot is a great solution if you want a way to access your iPhone’s clipboard. Anytime a URL or any bit of text is copied, it will end up in Pastebot so you can look it up later. The usefulness of this is also extended by Tapbots helpful OS X utility which can receive notifications from the iPhone app as well.

If I’m in a situation where I also want to send a snippet of text or URL back to my Mac, I simply open Pastebot and send it directly to my Mac from there. By using both Handoff and Pastebot, I can accomplish so much without a lot of friction. If you aren’t using either of these apps, then shame on you for missing out on the fun.