Cooking Apps Are Useless on An iPhone

I’ve tried a ton of different cooking apps on my iPhone over the years. Now with the iPad, I’ve come to the conclusion that following a recipe on the iPhone is completely useless.

You really do need the larger screen and perhaps a dock to allow you to prop up your iPad whilst in the kitchen whipping up your favourite meal.

Here’s a list of some cooking apps I’ve tried (I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting).

  • Allrecipes
  • 170,000 Recipes
  • Whole Foods Market recipes
  • Epicurious

I have yet to try “Mario Batali Cooks!”, however this one looks really well put together. High Five Labs, the development company responsible for this app says they haven’t released an iPad version just yet. I think this could be the one and only cooking app I would ever need, unless they manage to horribly screw up the UI/UX.

I’d love to hear from people on what their experience is like and if you have used any other great cooking apps that maybe I’m not aware of.