Apple to Remove Linked System Preferences in iOS 5.1

Perhaps someone with more insight can comment on this, however, I find it troubling that Apple is planning on removing support for linked-to system preferences in iOS 5.1.

Some of you may have heard about App Cubby’s Launch Center app for iOS. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s akin to something like Alfred on OS X. You can do all sorts of neat things like launch specific apps, perform unique functions like post a status update on Twitter, or even go directly to the Instagram camera to snap a quick photo. The functionality doesn’t end there though. Since each system preference in iOS can be accessed via a unique URL scheme: E.g., prefs:root=WIFI. Launch Center can do things like allow you to quickly turn off Wi-Fi. Pretty slick indeed.

I have only used Launch Center for the last day or so, but I’ve already moved it to the Dock in the center position. If Apple plans to remove support for linked-to system preferences in iOS 5.1, Launch Center may stop being as useful as it is in its current state. I’ll probably still continue to use Launch Center, since it’s still better than using Spotlight in iOS, but I will definitely feel sad about it.

Lastly, if you haven’t checked out Launch Center yet, you’re really missing out on something awesome.

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