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The Impromptu: Everything Is 4K →

If you haven’t listened to The Impromptu in a while (or ever), please have a listen since we’ve been continuing to make changes and improvements. Lately we’ve been trying to appeal to a broader audience by making technology analysis more accessible for the average person. There’s a glut of technology podcasts out there, but we feel very strongly that our current format is working, since more of you have been tuning in. Send us feedback and let us know what you like/don’t like. We try and keep these succinct and under an hour.

Podcast: This week on the podcast, the Samsung Galaxy S9 launches; we discuss the innovative new camera design and why it matters, the less than stellar new 960 FPS camera mode, the affordable 4K TV future is here, and Microsoft unleashes a really nice update to Xbox One X.

The Impromptu