Batman (1989)

I recently picked up Tim Burton’s lauded Batman film from 1989 on Blu-ray. The recently remastered transfer does indeed give this film a much-needed visual refresh. Unlike things that are digital, celluloid can degrade over a many years. I’m happy to say that much of the grittiness and loss of colour from the VHS and […]

Thoughts on Farscape

After finishing Battlestar Galactica, I felt a sudden swell of sadness. I needed a new engrossing science fiction series to watch. To fill that void I have turned to Farscape. I know it probably seems like I’m late to the game — I am being that it aired over ten years ago — but I […]

Black Death

I love Sean Bean as an actor and all around upstanding and cool guy. This weekend I watched him in the sequel to Silent Hill, which as an aside, was an excellent movie and superior to the first — which in and of itself wasn’t a bad movie. Sean Bean is one of those extremely […]

Thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man

I watched The Amazing Spider-Man last night. This was a much more thoughtfully written story, with far better casting and acting. Garfield, Stone, Sheen, and Field all gave very heartfelt and believable performances. Ryan Ifans was wonderful as Dr. Curt Connors. I actually felt bad for him. You could really tell he did want to […]