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PlayStation Vita Review (PCH-2000)

I’ve had my PS Vita, the earlier OLED model (PCH-1000), since August 2013 and have been happy with it — albeit with a few minor quibbles. The Vita was released in December 2011, and it’s proven to be a sustaining piece of hardware. Sales have not have been Earth shattering Sony, but the Vita found […]

Read Post / May 16, 2014

The PlayStation Cloud Sync Experience

Sony has their PS3, PS4, and Vita consoles, all of which are selling well. The added value service that glues these devices together is the $49 a year PSN plus membership. Being a member not only gives you access to free games and significant discounts, but it also stores you game saves and syncs them […]

Read Post / February 1, 2014

Why Handheld Game Consoles Still Matter

The 80s were a fantastic era that birthed an explosive industry where games would become a new mainstream entertainment medium. 1983 was a big year when the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was brought to North America for the first time. It went on to revolutionize and change the entire world. First consoles came and then […]

Read Post / September 3, 2013

Initial Thoughts on Nvidia Shield

The Nvidia Shield hasn’t received a ton of attention as far as I’m aware of. It certainly looks like an interesting product in that they chose to make a hybrid between an Android phone (minus the phone part) and dedicated handheld gaming console. At first blush it seems like a trivial entry into the gaming […]

Read Post / August 4, 2013

Why Most Console Games Ported to iOS Suck

I’d like to think that I’m a fairly nostalgic kind of person. I grew up in the 80s and experienced many great console games during that era. In the 90s, I was also fortunate enough to play through many great titles as well. Now that I primarily do my gaming on my iPhone 4, I’m […]

Read Post / February 22, 2011