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Blockbuster files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

Although it may not come as a shock to anyone, [Blockbuster has finally packed it][Blockbuster[ in and filed for bankruptcy. Blockbuster, which employs about 25,000 people, has been closing stores as it grapples with competition from Netflix, Coinstar unit Redbox and others that deliver movie rentals digitally. It’s been evident for several years now that […]

Read Post / September 24, 2010

iTunes 10 Moving Slowly to A Cocoa App?

Yesterday I posted a Tweet asking if anyone knew if iTunes 10 was re-written as a 100% Cocoa app. Although I didn’t receive any responses, apparently Jasper over at Waffle says that there are portions of iTunes 10 written in Cocoa, but is still a lot of legacy Carbon code in the app. It stands […]

Read Post / September 2, 2010

Give me iTunes X and wireless syncing

In the midst of some major new announcements from this mornings Apple keynote, there has been pretty strong evidence that a new Apple TV will be release in addition to a refreshed iPod lineup. While people speculate about whether or not there will be an iTunes “cloud” service, all I’m really hoping for is a […]

Read Post / September 1, 2010

Apple’s MacBook Line-Up And Where We Go from Here

Over the last two years, we have seen some great updates to the venerable MacBook Pro line-up. Notably with the introduction of a all-glass trackpad in the 2008 redesign. Since then, we have seen 4 finger swipe gestures added and now “inertial scrolling” in the latest 2010 models. So where do we go from here? […]

Read Post / July 28, 2010

Thoughts on Staying Motivated And Passionate about Writing

Being a good writer is hard. Finding the inspiration and patience to keep writing on a regular basis is also a constant battle. For the longest time I found that starting a blog was difficult. The first question I asked myself was “who the hell wants to read what I write?” It’s highly likely that […]

Read Post / July 22, 2010