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My Thoughts On The Situation in Fukushima

I am not trying to downplay the situation that Japan is facing whatsoever. All I’m saying is we must be cautious about how we approach these kinds of situations. I’m extremely irritated by some of the poor journalism going on right now, causing more fear, uncertainty and doubt than is necessary. In trying times such […]

Read Post / March 15, 2011

Starting from A Clean Slate with iOS 4.3

So I have decided unlike my normal procedure when new iOS updates are released, I will not be restoring from a backup after updating to 4.3 this week. Sometimes you simply just need to clean house and start from a clean slate again. If you’re anything like me, you probably have over 50 apps installed […]

Read Post / March 9, 2011

Adding Pinboard As A Custom Search Query to Alfred

I love Pinboard as a bookmarking service. I also happen to be a user of Alfredapp, which is a super handy swiss-army knife style app for launching apps on a Mac. In reality though, it goes far beyond just a simple app launcher and I really recommend you try it if you aren’t already using […]

Read Post / March 8, 2011

Twitter for iPhone And The New Trends Quickbar

People seem to be up in arms about the latest Twitter for iPhone (v3.3) update, and I can understand why. There are actually many good things to talk about in the latest version, such as the auto @username suggest feature and improved DM messaging. That being said, one new “feature” was introduced called the trends […]

Read Post / March 4, 2011

How to Do Great Customer Support

It goes without saying that offering great customer support for a product or service is absolutely essential to any business. Without great support, you’re leaving your customers to fend for themselves, which is not something you really want. This particular subject is something really close to the heart for me. The reason for this is […]

Read Post / March 1, 2011